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We've all heard a tune on the radio that seemed to stick in our mind. There is a similar phoenomena when you surf the web. You may come across a photo or design that really catches your eye - a combination of color and contrast that is especially pleasing or provocative.

ColorDiver℠ is a little tool that lets you dive into that very image and dig out the colors you want. It's especially handy if you are creating a web document and need to use the color codes in HTML or CSS.

This is a free tool. No registration is required, no downloads, no spyware or activex. Just pick an image and....   Dive in!
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ColorDiver℠ is a color management tool for web authors. If you've found an appealing photo or graphic on the web, ColorDiver is the fastest way to identify the colors used and compare them with others. If you don't have a favorite image to work with, just choose from the large collection of stock color charts and photos already here.

ColorDiver Features:

  • Sample any image or graphic from the web and collect a basket of up to 16 colors that work well together.

  • Save your collection. Recall it later or add/change colors manually.

  • Automatically generate palette images with subsets of the chosen color scheme.

  • Create a custom color wheel or text list and save it with your project as a permanant reference.

  • Diving Buddy Lets you define a custom color widget for any web document. This widget installs with just one line of code!

  • ColorDiver remembers your last 100 colors. Even if you forget.

  • Have some fun creating or explaining graphic illusion on the web.

  • Collect all 16 million web colors! Betcha can't get them all on one page.

ColorDiver makes quick work of extracting color from any image accessable on the web or your PC. Even your digital camera or scanner. You can dive for color in..


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